Christopher Stratton is a queer, Dunedin born and bred graduate of Unitec Nz's School of Performing and Screen Arts with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts in Directing and Writing for Screen and Theatre (it really rolls off the tongue). It would be fair to call him a jack of all trades when it comes to the screen and theatre industries (if you ignore the camera department - he just can not work out the maths of it all). 

He is currently one half of the directing team for the TVNZ commissioned and NZ on Air funded series "Life is Easy" - an eight episode body swap comedy series focussing on diversity of onscreen representation, off camera talent, and as many fart jokes as he could get in there which premieres December 2019. He is also the set decorator on upcoming South Pacific Pictures tv series Head High with Prod Designer Jane Bucknell. 

At the same time as directing a tv series he managed to squeeze in costume designing "The Wolves" for Silo Theatre for a June 2019 season, and styling their publicity shoot for upcoming work "My Heart Goes Thadak Thadak". He's a busy boy (or 30 year old man) but likes it that way. 


July/August saw him in the UK as creative director for "Two Hearts, The Comeback Tour" - for a month long season in Edinburgh Fringe. Two Hearts is the live comedy project of Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore, and the Edinburgh season comes after their well received "The Winery Tour" in the New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2019. He has worked in this capacity with the comedy duo since the inception of the Two Hearts project in 2017, across several shows including a Melbourne season (2018) and the Billy T Nominated "Two Hearts: Restart the Hearts" (2018). For "Restart the Hearts" he was awarded best costume design in the Nz International Comedy Festival. 


Since graduating in 2010 he has worked in various roles across the television, film, theatre, advertising and digital content industries. He currently has two short film projects in development and two recently released avant garde web series, (these web series made him a co-winner of the Best Visual Arts Award for Auckland Fringe 2019 in exhibition with his friends as part of “The Bub Club” - a collective of film makers).


Christopher worked freelance as a Content Director for Auckland based creative agency Monster Valley in 2017, directing work for Orcon Mobile, and other pieces for Fonterra & Stylefit credited to his co-direction.


He has worked in many roles throughout Mediaworks and Mediaworks related productions, such as Art Assist on Super City Seasons 1 & 2, Production Assistant on Jono and Ben, Continuity and Directors Assistant on Funny Girls Season 2 (Dir. Madeleine Sami), Contestant Researcher and Studio Co-Ordinator on Family Feud, Block Two Production Co-Ordinator on the Funny Girls Suffragette Anniversary Special, Production and Styling work on the Pilot for Golden Boy and design and styling for an unaired comedy pilot (2017) that his work was really good on but no one is allowed to see since it didn’t get picked up. Boo.


From Jan 2015 - May 2016 he was the On-Air Promos Co-ordinator for Three, and in this capacity worked across several Mediaworks owned brand campaigns for television series. He got to help direct a five second ident once with Hillary Barry in the News studio which remains a career highlight. He dyed shorts and painted shoes for The Block Promos. He got to meet the Bachelor before anyone knew who he was.  He continues to freelance for this department and recently sequinned up a jacket and shoe combo for Mike McRoberts for Dancing With The Stars as well as scheduling advertising on lifestyle channel Three Life.


In 2013 he wrote and project directed “TALK” - a portmanteau film comprised of ten short films, nine of which were then given to different emerging film makers to direct as well as directing one of his own. The piece was created for Auckland Fringe as a quick turn around experiment and won Best Visual Arts.  


Music Video Highlights include Directing Music videos for The Beths' “Future Me Hates Me & (Co-Directing & Editing) ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (Carpark Records) and Wet Wings (Lil Chief Records) as well as Art Directing music videos for The Sami Sisters, The Amity Affliction and Anna Coddington.  


Costume Styling highlights include Costume Assisting on feature film The Breaker Upperers (Dir. Madeleine Sami and Jackie Van Beek, 2018), styling Jacinda (Graduate theatre show for The Actors Program 2018) the Auckland University Summer Shakespeare's "The Tempest" (2016) at the Pop Up Globe in Auckland, Oreste (2016) a semi staged opera by Auckland Opera Studio & Auckland Theatre Company's "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda' (2016) for their youth theatre programme 'Next Big Thing'. He has worked across several international TVC’s as stylist assist. He made a cool shirt for Sam Brooks' 'Actressexual'. 


He has also been in a few ads and can currently be seen as one half of ‘Gay couple looking at Ipad” in ASB’s “Own That Home”. For performance he is represented by Odd Management. 


Theatrical Highlights include work with playwright Joseph Harper since graduation 'The Boy and The Bicycle', 'Honey', 'Exoskeleton' & 'I am a Cat', his own devised show 'Little Child of Miracle' at The Basement Theatre (2016), & Set Design for Natalie Clark's dance theatre 'Everything Anyone Ever Wanted' and Yvette Parson's 'Silent Night', both at Q Theatre Loft (2016).


He has several short and feature length scripts in development and is writing a novella that was meant to be finished before last Christmas and remains optimistic that it will be finished soon.