The Wolves

Costume Designer

The Wolves is a pulitzer prize nominated play by Sarah DeLappe, about a young womens' soccer team - and I was stoked to be asked to costume design Silo Theatres 2019 presentation of it. 

In designing the show I made the choice to avoid an overly slick, professional look for the team as i thought that would play counter to the shows aims of the grounded portrayal of young women, and I'm still very pleased with that decision and how it worked on stage (just a mini insight into the process!). 

Produced by Silo Theatre // Directed by Sophie Roberts // Lights by Sean Lynch // Set by Ruby Read // Images Andi Crown

Cast // Siana Vagana // Aisling Baker // Alex King // Tatum Warren-Ngata // Queenie Samuel // Mariana McGechie // Theo Keane // Maia Baillie // Akinehi Munroe // Toni Potter