Two Hearts Auckland World Tour 2017 &

Melbourne World Tour 2018



Stage Design and Creative Direction for Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore's 'Two Hearts Auckland World Tour' at Q Theatre Loft May 2017 and return season December 2017.  Original season produced by Sophie Dowson and Return by Brendan Talbot (Nz Music Theatre Company) with Lights by Rachel Marlow (incl two bloody great LED hearts) and Costume Styling by Sacha Young. 

Director and Stage Manager for reworked season at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, March - April 2018. We had to rework the show for a 3mx2m stage, no dancers, and with Joseph operating the lights on stage and me operating extra effects and onstage costume changes, .haul everything to Melbourne and then do 22 shows. We did it. It was fun.  

"The arena-sized smash pop-music hit of the NZ International Comedy Festival, TWO HEARTS

2018 Billy T Award nominee’s Laura Daniel (Funny GirlsJono and Ben, and 7 Days on ThreeSnort) and Joseph Moore (also those shows) return with their arena-sized pop-comedy spectacle in a non-arena-sized venue. This is not your usual comedy show. Imagine a Selena Gomez concert, but all of Selena Gomez's songs have jokes in them, and there are two Selena Gomezes’ and one of them is a boy. And Selena Gomez is even better at singing. With non-stop catchy AF bangers, confetti, HOT dancers, original songs, video, merchandise, costume changes - this is one piping hot collab!

"'The next big thing in comedy. Hell, even better than that, I felt like I was watching the next big thing in New Zealand"- The Spinoff

“A spectacular and surprising, top-notch performance from beginning to end.” - nzgirl

"I had mascara running down my face because I laughed so hard that I cried... One truly slick production" -

Two Hearts is a pitch-perfect send-up of all the hottest trends in modern pop music, performed by the country’s hottest comedy talent

(hottest in terms of ability and also in looks).


Cast: Laura Daniel, Joseph Moore

Choreographer and Dancer : Zara Cormack
Cast Dancers:  Harry McNaughton, Rebekkah Schoonbeek-Berridge, Dane Kauvai, Benjamin Channing & Danielle Timbers.